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Support our operations

Auralan Setlementti collects donations for the following purposes

  • Recreational­ and camp activities for families and children with an immigrant background
  • Recreation­ and club activities for seniors
  • Friendship activities for people with immigrant backgrounds and seniors
  • Reduced adult education course fees for low-income students
  • Guidance and coordination of volunteers working with immigrants, seniors, and families with children
  • Organising events to promote community activities in the neighbourhood;
  • Organising digitisation support for people with poor digital skills

You can donate the amount you want to the association’s collection account:
FI28 4309 0010 4548 74 (ITELFIHH).
If you wish to donate to any particular purpose among those listed above, please write your preference in the message field.

You can also make a bequest for our association. Bequests for a non-profit organisation are tax-exempt. If you decide to make a bequest, we recommend that you prepare your will together with an expert.

The fundraising permit number is RA/2021/1218, and the permit is valid from 29 September 2021 until further notice.

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