What is Aurala?

Aurala is an activity centre and meeting point formed by two non-profit associations for the public good, Aurala Settlement and Aurala Youth. Our activities are politically and religiously independent.

Auralan Setlementti registered association maintains an adult education centre and a daycare centre, organises recreational activities for seniors, and provides education and support to those who have moved to Finland. The Aurala Youth association organises afternoon and summer club activities for schoolchildren and maintains the Girls’ House in Turku. Both organisations conduct various development projects.

Aurala Settlement was founded in 1939, and youth activities were part of its endeavours from the very beginning. In 1972, a separate organisation, the Aurala Club Centre, was founded for youth work. Today the association is called the Aurala Youth association (Auralan Nuoret registered association).

Aurala promotes good and active life at all stages of life, the understanding of diversity and communality. The critical factors in developing our operations are listening to the voices of our customers and co-operation with other actors.

Both associations are members of the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses.
Read more about the settlement movement and its history: setlementti.fi

The Aurala values

Sensitivity is openness and listening. It is the ability to meet people and recognise their needs. It is the skill and courage to speak up. Sensitivity is the ability to look deeper and see the versatile knowledge we all possess. Sensitivity is the ability to anticipate and react.

We see every individual as inherently good and believe in the resources of every human being. We strengthen people’s ability to take responsibility for their actions. We encourage you to pursue your dreams and goals. We will help you. We do not do things for you. We are meaningful to each other: we are the ones who will believe in your abilities even when you do not and encourage you to go forward.

We encounter people with dignity, without discrimination. We meet everyone the way they are, without value judgements, without presumptions, and with an open mind. We give people opportunities to feel they belong: they will be heard and seen.

Aurala's vision

In 2030, Aurala will be an association that promotes dialogue, pluralism, and good relations between different population groups. Our core principles include lifelong growth and learning, as well as ecosocial education. Our activities will help generations and cultures meet; we do proactive social work and care for others.